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It’s the Little Things

I like gifts. When the price is friendly, I can give a lot more gifts, and that is especially important around the holidays! So, I’m making little things-they have a lot of individuality and are easy on the wallet. You can see them all on my etsy shop, but I’m going to show you aspiring jewelry-makers how to construct your own.
To begin, take sterling silver sheet, 22 gauge.

Apply masking tape, so that you can draw on the metal. This will also make the metal dust stick and allow you to see your lines more clearly and breathe in less silver.

Making tiny things is a great way to make use of scrap from other projects. Take a look at your leftovers before you send them to be recycled, sometimes interesting shapes suggest new ideas!

Saw out your design with your jeweler’s saw, then place the two pieces together to file both at the same time.



For the earring post, snip 21 gauge sterling round wire at about 1.1cm and file one end flat.

Next step is soldering, so now’s the time to do any stamping or texture!

Hold with a third hand (tweezers in a stand). Apply flux and one pallion of medium solder, then heat with the torch until it flows.


Use copper tongs to pick up the hot metal. Quench in water, the soak in the warm pickling acid until the flux glass and oxidation are gone.

The last step is to polish it up! This means sanding and buffing and don’t forget rounding the sharp end of the post. You can use pre-made butterfly clasp on a short post, or hook a long post to the side to make a cool ear clip.
Little posts are a fun project. There’s a lot of work involved, but the results are one of a kind and last a lifetime. It’s a great way to make a really unique gift for someone special. Try it out yourself, or request a custom item from my etsy shop!