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Handmade Men’s Ring, Hammered Silver and Gold

To begin this ring, I saw the band from a sheet of sterling silver. I snip off chips of 14k gold wire and heat them with a hand torch until they spin into little granules. Using tweezers, flux and gold solder, I place them in line and solder them with a hand torch.


After pickling it in a warm citric acid bath, It is ready to be shaped into a ring. I first bend it with my fingers and flat nose pliers to bring the ends flush for soldering.


After soldering and cleaning the solder joint with sandpaper, it is ready to be shaped on the ring mandrel with a rawhide mallet. Then I will use a ball peen jeweler’s hammer to create texture and flare out the edges.

I polish the ring with white diamond, tripoli and rouge on the buffing wheel. Next, I mix a warm solution of liver of sulphur to darken the polished silver to a purplish black.

The gold is not affected by the liver of sulphur. I tumble the ring with steel shot for a few hours to add a luster to the black finish. This also work-hardens the ring for wear.




This ring and more original handmade works are available in my Etsy shop.


happy hearts and happy cephalopods

Heart Earrings! One for me, one for Etsy-these are a larger size than my skulls and flowers. The size reminds me of being a kid and wearing big clip-on earrings from the Sanrio store. These are probably about the width of the yummy candy hearts as well-all adding up to something that makes me very happy to wear!

These were a nice impromptu design. Using the metal stamps, I noticed that I never really use them for their non-intended purpose, so I played around to see what I could do. Deciding on smiley/frowny faces was in part because for our first Valentines together, my husband had given me little silver frog studs that were adorably frowning. Smiles are nice, but frowns get a hug and kiss. So, easily enough, I hammered up some silver, sawed out a heart, stamped in a face, and polished it up!

Hearts and Flowers for you for Valentines Day! These are on Etsy http://www.etsy.com/listing/91059948/heart-studs-sterling-silver-handcrafted

Wrapping the silver sheet in masking tape makes a nice surface to transfer my drawing for the saw.

Flipping my sketch over, I transfer the pencil onto the taped surface. Ouch, my poor wrist is sore-from too much time at the sewing machine, if you can believe it-not used to that!

To get into little nooks and crannies, you must drill a hole to feed your sawblade through.

This is a sawing-intensive piece! The little guys waving all those tentacles around and not holding still!

Then it's needle file time to- knock off those rough edges.

It's a fire-bath for our little mollusk friends, to attach the hinge for the cufflink backings.

And the finished cufflink, also available on Etsy for your fancy-dressing sweetheart http://www.etsy.com/listing/91062556/octopus-cufflinks-handcrafted-sterling We recently gazed at a real octopus at Ripley's Aquarium in Gatlinburg, and were absolutely transfixed. Their movements are absolutely mesmerizing. Apparently they are also extremely intelligent, so I've got my eye on them for taking over the planet-if I had eight arms....I could think about that all day, actually.