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An Eye-Candy Tour of Charleston’s Ironwork

Charleston, South Carolina is absolutely stunning-whether you're into history, food or beauty in general. James and I chose it for our honeymoon because it is such a different city-very romantic and enchanting. They do not replace a historical sctructure with a plaque-they keep it! They do not move all their antiques into the museums-they keep them where they've always been. It makes the city very charming and beautiful, not to mention the people are incredilbly friendly and the food is amazing...

Beautiful. Think about how there is no gate today that will look like this decades from now. Certainly not one that people will stop on the street to photograph. There are still blacksmiths making decorative gates, and the more people commission them, the more there will be!



Now this...is what church steeples were meant to do. They invoke the feeling and the recognition of the grand distance and the stark difference between the earthly and heavenly realms.

This church had a lovely courtyard with flower gardens.

They even have gorgeous park-benches! I once made an earring styled after arms of a parkbench. Actually, not once but several times.

And here they are, my Silver Scroll earrings. And their secret's out-they really are Park Bench Earrings. Oh well, beautiful lines and graceful curves work the same magic on furniture and architecture as they do everywhere else.

Back to Charleston, where an alley to an art gallery has a beautiful gate...

And so does an ordinary insurance company...

Our stormdrains? Yes, let's give those decoration too.

This one is a little unnerving, but maybe it's some kind of flower-trellis? Or where you impale your pirates?

Lovely entryway, I have never seen a lamp like that, but I am in love with it.

Beautiful in the night-light as well! Here's a link to the University of South Carolina Press, which prints an excellent book about a Charleston Blacksmith, Philip Simmons http://www.sc.edu/uscpress/books/pre1993/9835.html I bought it, because I remember reading UT's copy and enjoying his life story as well as all the images of his work.

This is the entrance to a church. I believe this was part of a "haunted places" tour. So, go ahead and imagine that a jilted lover committed suicide inside..that is apparently the story of every haunting in Charleston. To me, thats a pretty bold ghost-to haunt a church! I don't think that would inspire much faith.

And then there are those who like to decorate with pickled pigs feet...this is at the #1 restaurant in the US, Husk. Stroll arround the coast, cobblestone streets, gorgeous walkways-then eat better than anyone else in the country. But I highly recommend the bar...












































2 responses

  1. agitatedangler

    The unnerving one should unnerve you. It’s called “chevaux de frise” and it was put there to protect the residents of the home incase of a slave revolt.

    February 14, 2012 at 9:49 p02

  2. Your photos of this wrought ironwork are amazing! I was only sixteen years old last I visited Charleston but I do remember how gorgeous seeing all this was. Thank you for bringing me back! You’ve got a very enjoyable blog here, anviljewelry!

    August 30, 2013 at 9:49 p08

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