handmade jewelry & metalsmithing

Merry Christmas!

When I order supplies for metalsmithing, the boxes are given to Moops here. He has undertaken the adorable habit of pulling his stuffed friend inside and snuggling up in there. The first morning I saw it, I thought it was a miracle of cuteness, but he does it every time, which proves beyond all dout that cuteness is rooted very deeply within the nature and psyche of a bunny.

This season I've been rocking out to the Christmas tunes in the studio. I started before Halloween actually, which is why I can't believe that Christmas is this weekend-I felt like I had such a jump on it! When my brother and I were kids, we would put on Christmas records and pretend to be Santa's elves that had to get the "workshop" ready for Santa. Which meant that my mom would come home from work to see every inch of the house polished and scrubbed and decorated to perfection. He was older & wiser than me, so perhaps this was his ploy to get in good on Santa's list...but then again Christmas spirit can do some impressive transformations. It was nice to conjure up the elf work ethic and really crank up the speed with motivating thoughts of these pieces being parts of happy Christmas mornings.

The Aventurine stones were still on my conscience, I just couldn't envision a proper home for them until I started thinking of the as little ripening mangoes. Here's the process photos from along that theme, making a ring and a pendant.

drawing out the leaves onto paper, then placing then around the bezels helps to get the sizing right, otherwise it can be hard to transfer the grace of line that's in a drawing into the metal.

Once the leaves are soldered into place, I engrave the details by hand.

Sawing out a strip of silver to make a bezel setting for the stone.

Soldering a bail for the stone to hang from, trying to preserve the delicate look of a stem without it being too fragile.

After sawing out the leaf shapes, I solder them to a twisted wire to hang from, then i will shape them out with a hammer and engrave the details.


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