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Skulls, Flowers and Autumn

This month I’ve gotten a lot of enjoyment out of responding to the suggestions of others: all the skull-wear, turning earrings into pendants & vice versa, Basically I’ve acted on every suggestion I’ve gotten, except for Matt’s idea about cupcake cuff links…and I want to make those, but I am 100% sure he was joking.

James suggested little skull studs, like the skull cuff links. Can't have too much skull stuff around Halloween, right? I hope so, because I'm making a skull & crossbones pendant also.

Just like making the cuff links, I draw the outline onto masking tape over the silver sheet, then saw it out and file in the details.

Next, I solder the earring stem onto the back.

I made the backs for these earrings-just hammered my sheet a little thinner, drew an outline, drilled a hole, then shaped it up.

I also made some cute little flower studs. Flower time is almost over here in Knoxville--it's getting to be all acorns, gourds and corn stalks everywhere you look. I absolutely love flowers, i should make some more little blossoms, that was fun-and not a skull for a change.

Speaking of the skulls, this was my studio magic moment of the week--each time I set these on the table after sanding them, they would leave a dusty outline of themselves. It was beautiful and as transitory as it gets.

I also intoduced twisting to my blacksmithing-inspired jewelry schtick. I really like these earrings, they're big but the detail is very intricate, so they have a lot of grace.

The finished piece--these are in silver, but the black silver is gorgeous also.

I put these guys up on Etsy. All these guys actually, I add to my Etsy shop throughout the week, when stuff's all fresh from the studio.


One response

  1. Cara

    My Matt? Because he doesn’t joke. He doesn’t eat cupcakes but he’d wear them I’m sure.

    November 15, 2010 at 9:49 p11

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