handmade jewelry & metalsmithing

The Genre of Absentmindedness AKA Studio Zen

Since I’ve always got several different projects going simultaneously, I tend to do absent-minded things…like close my studio door and press the lock button on my keys…or quench hot metal in my teacup…or try to disassemble and “repair” a machine before I check to see if it’s actually plugged in. Whatever, when my brain is coasting along on reaction and instinct, I tend to have a really good creative flow going. That means there’s a whole lot of new designs coming. But new designs take a lot of mock-ups, tweakings and test-wearings, so just give me a couple days and I’ll bombard your eyeballs with metal concoctions unlike anything you’ve seen. Assuming I don’t accidentally explode myself, a little witlessness in the studio is a sign of rampant creativity.

Last week, my boyfriend was out of town so I made skull-themed gifts for him to welcome him back. Not a good precedent to set, huh? Leave town and get presents.

And of course, I had to make a little something for myself. It was definitely skull week. And surprisingly, my scary movie marathon played out with good results-there was a really cool iron gate in The Wolfman that inspired a pair of earrings that I started on today-I’ll show you pictures when they’re all finished.

This week I’ve been trying to blow through the 20 aventurine stones I bought, and the last of my gold.

I’m trying to be a little thrifty with the gold, adding it as accents with silver, but I gotta say- a solid gold piece of jewelry can be absolutely stunning. It’s really hard not to wanna see everything in gold now. But I guess I’m used to seeing silver prices, and the difference is unreal. Foe example, spot prices on silver are $19.31/oz. Gold on the other hand is $1,247.20/oz. Luckily, my stones are green- which I’m not too crazy about with gold, so I can work on that until my gold reinforcements come in. Until then, I suppose my next post will be the gemstone challenge-making a variety of different pieces out of 20 nearly identical aventurine gems!


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