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Skull Week!

So last week we had a Friday the 13th, which I celebrated by getting lots of horror movies-the original Wolfman, She-Wolf in London, Frogs and Ants!  I’m totally ready for Halloween now, and I decided to declare Skull Week and make all skeleton jewelry.

Here are the segments and the little rings that will be the collars. This is a pendant that I made for myself, as kind of an experiment.

It reminds me of those mexican candy skulls, I'm thinking of changing the details to more of an outline, and getting rid of the forged bits, so that it will be all thin lines and sleek contours, I think that will be better for this kind of imagery.

I also worked on a project that I've been meaning to get around to for quite awhile-my boyfriend wants me to make tiny little skull buttons to go on the collar of his shirt. First step, I sketch up various styles of skulls, then guesstimated one about the size of those tiny buttons.

Pretty much the hardest thing for me is making things match, so I trace my drawing onto tracing paper. I cover the sterling silver with masking tape, then trace the outline onto the tape.

Then I saw the little guys out, file in the details, and polish 'em up.

The finished buttons are definitely tiny, but they were fun to make, so I decided to make a larger version for cuff links.

The process was the same, except a lot easier on my fingers to file! Cuff links and brooches are the exceptions to my rule of making my own findings. The commercial ones are so sturdy and more pleasant for the wearer to use.

It was fun to have a theme to work off of this week, next week I'm thinking of doing a gemstone theme. The very first autumn colors are popping out here, and it's got me in the mood to focus on colors and shapes.


One response

  1. Teri Holland

    Pretty cool! Never thought I would see a “beautiful” skeleton!

    August 23, 2010 at 9:49 p08

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