handmade jewelry & metalsmithing

golden ticket

This week has been my first foray into goldsmithing, and it is a different world. I like silver because I’m ghostly pale and gold just seems to make that situation highlighted, but why should I argue with thousands of years of evidence of the superiority of certain minerals?

The only way I let gold creep into my work before was Kumboo; a Korean technique to burnish 24k gold foil onto fine silver under low, controlled heat.

kumboo earrings

I like the contrast of the gold against the black patina on the silver, to highlight the hammer marks. These earrings recently went up for sale on Etsy.

So, I ordered some gold wire to put some color into my work, and it’s a different world. Suddenly I find myself highly aware how much each inch of gold costs…almost $10.00, it’s definitely made using the torch more exciting. I decided I’m going to have an attitude about “gold fill” and remain a purist. And that having it cast would be cheating 😉

gold wire

This is 12 inches of 14k yellow gold square wire less than 1mm thick...about $100. Plus the tiniest piece of gold solder I ever saw, which will mostly end up on the floor was $40. The curvy piece of steel is the 14k marking stamp.

silver curls

These are the shaped and hammered silver elements of the earrings, that have been waiting patiently for the gold to arrive & make them feel like they're part of something important.


These are ready for polishing; silver lines with gold in the center of the design and tiny gold collars attaching all the pieces. They will hang from a small gold french hook, as soon as I deside if I want to keep the silver bright or make it shiny black.


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