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Ornamental Grille Pendant

This next project is part of my idea to bring the look and techniques of blacksmithing into my jewelry. I’ve always been after creating a dark finish that resembles steel, as well as square wire and hammer textures, so I’m just gonna run with it for awhile.

The first in this new series is something I’ve wanted to do for a long time-remake the ornamental grille I made a few years ago, as a pendant.

I designed and made this in 2005 from mild steel. I think the mortise and tenon connections were the class lesson.

For a tiny replica, I used sterling square wire…and a much smaller hammer. It was really fun to try different methods to achieve the overall look of the original. After much experimentation, I think I’ve got some fun areas to explore in making silver look like forged steel.

Sterling silver cracks when it is forged hot, so I drew beads to mimic the hey pennies on the original.

Forging these tiny guys around the horn of the anvil isn't an option, so I used needlenose jeweler's pliers.

Soldering the collars onto the scrolls.

Sizing pieces up for the frame.

The finished pendant is about 2cm tall.


One response

  1. you are amazing. Love all your stuff. Hope to see you in action not only with jewelry forge but the real thing!!

    December 14, 2010 at 9:49 p12

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